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Jourdan Gary Rombough
Jourdan Gary Rombough
  • Expertise:
    SEO & Analytics
  • Experiance:
    15 Years
  • Residence:
    New York
10 +
Years of Experience
Large Corperations
4 +
About Jourdan

With over a decade in the SEO arena, Jourdan is a seasoned expert specializing in everything from Digital Strategy and Semantic Search to Conversion Rate Optimization. Now, he's breaking new ground by integrating Artificial Intelligence into SEO practices—a move set to reshape the industry.

His multifaceted skill set encompasses:

  • Advanced techniques like Schema.org, Rich Snippets, and Video Optimization
  • Uses a Multi-Channel, Holistic approach to optimizing for success 
  • A balanced approach that is White Hat Oriented but Black Hat Educated
  • Certifications in Google Analytics, BrightEdge, and Bing Accredited Professional

Beyond work, Jourdan enjoys hobbies that reflect his knack for complexity and precision—advanced card magic and RC Drones.

If you're in need of a seasoned SEO professional who not only has extensive experience but is also at the forefront of Analytics, Code, and AI integration, Jourdan is your go-to expert.

Roman Prokopchuk
Roman Prokopchuk
Digital Marketing Podcast Host

Jourdan is an intelligent digital marketing professional which strived to deliver great results for his client portfolio by using the most up to date strategies and best practices to drive success. He has expanded his digital marketing skill set and constantly looks to innovate and grow as a professional.

Stephen Lella
Stephen Lella
Marketing Manager - Panasonic Americas
I had the honor of managing Jourdan while we worked together at LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell. As one of the SEO/SEM Campaign Managers, Jourdan proved himself very capable - as both a smooth, client-facing "people" person and as a knowledgeable and informed SEO specialist.
Jodie Green
Jodie Green
CEO & President - Clinician Burnout Foundation

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Areas of Expertise
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Organic Visibility

Jourdan delivers SEO services that stand apart in a crowded field, offering not just algorithmic optimization but a holistic approach aimed at improving visibility as well as fostering meaningful user engagement.  experience.

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Website Development

In the realm of website development, Jourdan combines aesthetic sensibility with functional design, creating platforms that not only catch the eye but also serve as efficient conduits for user interaction and engagement

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Artificial Intelligence

Jourdan harnesses the transformative power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize traditional SEO methodologies, offering a multi-dimensional approach that enhances visibility and user engagement. 

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Data & Analytics

Jourdan's expertise in SEO is significantly augmented by his mastery of analytics, allowing him to dissect complex data landscapes to create highly effective, tailored strategies.


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Podcast Appearances

Jourdan had the honor of being a guest speaker on Voices of Search, a widely respected podcast in the SEO community. 

For those who prefer reading to listening, comprehensive episode summaries are conveniently located beneath the audio player.

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